Zúbky Natural Teething Products - Naturally Safe, Naturally Soothing, Naturally Zúbky
Zúbky is a homegrown company founded in the USA by a mom on a mission to create natural baby items and Waldorf toddler toys that are fun, fashionable and safe!  
Why should you choose Zúbky?
Your child will love you for it!!
  Really! Each Zúbky product is carefully handcrafted and quality-checked personally in our home, which is filled with laughter and love, so your Zúbky will come to you infused with happiness... feel free to add lots more! All of our colored products are dyed with 100% food-grade ingredients which change the pigment of the wood, but don't release when wet from saliva or water!
You will feel good about it!!
Choosing wood toys and teethers for your child is an excellent decision for them, for you, and for our planet. 
Here are five great reasons to choose wood
instead of plastic or silicone:
#1 Wood is a renewable and recyclable resource.
#2 It stimulates babies' senses with its texture,
scent and variations in color.
#3 Studies have shown that wood contains its own antibacterial elements, preventing germs from reproducing.  Did you know that plastic actually ENCOURAGES bacteria to multiply?! Eew.
#4 Wooden teethers and toys are more durable than their plastic counterparts. Many of our customers have purchased them to keep as heirloom gifts.
#5 Lastly, wood is natural and safe for babies to chew on.
No BPA, no toxins, just pure natural Zúbky goodness.
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