Zúbky Natural Teething Products - Naturally Safe, Naturally Soothing, Naturally Zúbky
About Our Products
You're probably wondering what in the world Zúbky means!
Let us clear that up for you...
"Zúbky" means "Teething" in Slovakian. 
We selected the name for our company
as a tribute to our heritage...
Our paternal great-grandmother
was an immigrant from Slovakia.
Zúbky products are available exclusively at special natural parenting boutiques across the United States.  If you don't have one near you, you can visit our Etsy Shop to get your hands on your very own Zúbky.
The highlight of each Zúbky is a natural, handcrafted wood teething ring.
From there, the possibilities are endless...
Vibrantly colored sensory beads in a rainbow of hues with various textures adorn each thoughtfully designed Zúbky teething necklace. 
Our natural wood teethers come in a variety of colors and our fancy Zúbky teethers feature a variety of engaging, stimulating fabrics. 
You can make your Zúbky extra special with a personalized touch by adding your little one's name!  We use a natural woodburning process to personalize your Zúbky -- no chemicals or toxins involved! 
Some Zúbky's are finished with our own natural sealant recipe made from organic jojoba oil and natural beeswax!  We source our beeswax locally from Honey Bee Treasure's colonies here in Ohio.  No antibiotics or pesticides are used in or around the hives.  The beeswax polish really brings out the natural beauty of the wood!
Besides being a great teether and fashion accessory, Zúbky products provide an excellent source of stimulation for your little one. The sensory beads will stimulate your child's sense of sight and touch as his or her eyes try to follow the ring when it's shaken back and forth.  Your child will love the learning cause-effect relationships from the click-clack sound made by shaking our rattles and toys.  These actions encourage your child to explore, promoting a sense of early discovery.
Our wooden Waldorf toy line delights toddlers, too!
Aside from the sensory benefits, Zúbky products are flat out entertaining for children!
Zúbky products are mama approved!
Moms don’t just love Zúbky because they are fun and fashionable! Zúbky products are eco-friendly and contain no BPA or other harmful toxins like plastic toys
and teethers may.
Mamas and babies around the world LOVE Zúbky and our feedback reflects the high quality and high standards we hold ourselves to. 
We are a FIVE STAR rated Etsy shop. 
Zúbky is a collaborative family effort rooted in eco-conscious, natural parenting and grown with love. 
We work together as a team and love the quality time Zúbky allows us to spend with each other and our children.
It’s been a really fun journey for our family! 
The quality time we got back through our Etsy shop is priceless and it feels so good to be able to help other families discover natural, safe products for their children. 
Thank you so much for your support. When you buy a product from us, you are not helping a CEO get a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom and dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage and save for college. Our customers are our shareholders and we strive to make them happy. 
Thank you for supporting a small business!
Natalie, Chuck and the kiddos
All Zúbky products are designed and created in the USA by a mom and each product design is taken for a "test drive" by real-life moms and babies to ensure other babies will enjoy the product! 
Zúbky is eco-conscious!  A portion of all sales goes toward the planting of a tree, packaging is sourced from EcoEnclose (an environmentally friendly company) and made of biodegradable ingredients, and we only print when necessary. 
Customer service and Safety are top priorities. Safety is extremely important and Zúbky products are designed and tested under strict safety standards, with ethical practices being key.
Here's what some of our customers are saying:
"Got it yesterday morning and my daughter didn't put it down the whole day! It's the only teether she has taken to so far. She loves it :) and I'm so happy! Thank you!"  --Callie in Minnesota
"My child's favorite teether! Absolutely great product!" --Corby in California
"The necklace is absolutely gorgeous; even prettier than the picture. It is definitely fashionable enough to wear!" --Erin in Illinois
"It was perfect! my daughter loves to play with it and if i wear it when i am around other babies they always want to play with it too :)" --Hayley in Texas 
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