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Commitment to Safety
Children are a very special and very precious gift.  As parents, it is our #1 job to protect them and keep the safe.  At Zúbky, we always put safety first and foremost.
Working in the power utility industry for fifteen years has engrained in me the importance of safety in everything I do, and I carry that over to all aspects of the crafting of our offerings in the following ways:
  • Beads are either hand-dyed by us with food-grade ingredients, or sourced from a manufacturer that uses verified and tested lead-free paints. The listing will tell you which type of beads were used.
  • All necklaces are constructed with super-strong satin cording that is nearly impossible to break. 
  • Beading is secured with knots between each individual bead in most designs.  If the string would be cut, only one bead would remove itself from the cording.
The wooden Zúbky ring is for your baby with emerging teeth to safely chew and teeth on. The sensory beads are for stimulating your baby's senses through touch, sight, and sound.
Although the colorant on the sensory beads is non-toxic or food-safe, we recommend against letting your child chew on the beads.
Safety first!
Even with all of these safety precautions in place, cording and beading always present a choking or strangulation danger.  NEVER EVER leave your child alone with jewelry or something else that is beaded (a Zúbky or any other product!). 
 The necklaces in our collections are meant to be worn by an adult to soothe or entertain a baby during feeding, playtime, or while wearing your child in a sling or wrap.  The necklaces are not meant to be used as toys. 
Please follow these safety measures to keep your child safe!
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